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By: Matthew 04/15/2020

Got the Truck from a guy who bought it so he could let his son learn how to drive manual. After his son got done with it it sat for about 6 years out in the field and the guy was about to scrap it so i bought it for 400$. Got it home and dropped both tanks, Cleaned them both and drained the fuel lines, put tanks back in filled with gas and primed and it fired right up. I then replaced some parts on the front end to make it road safe, I also did spark plugs, valve cover gaskets, fuel filters, oil and oil filter, and Went to go have aligned. I got the tag updated and drove it for about a month and every so often the truck would die and not start back up so went to change the Tfi and while i was there i checked the oil and it was completely milky so I looked in the radiator and there was about a gallon missing, And that was about a 1 1/2 ago.

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