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Engine Tear Down

By: Nelson 08/12/2019

Once I got the motor out, I decided that while it was out I would give it a quick go through and re-gasket it so it wouldn't leak everywhere, it is a Ford after all lol.

Everything on the top end was looking pretty good for having 125K on it. However, I was a little worried but the amount of junk in the thermostat opening.

This was where things took a slight turn for the worse. Please, if a car is going to be parked, make sure the cooling system is drained so this doesn't happen to somebody down the road. On the plus side, I figured out why the water pump would not turn. I also managed to snap off several of the water pump bolts while I was at it, they were frozen in place.

After about 4 hours of fire, hammers, and vise grips I was able to get the timing cover off. Funny thing is once the cover was off the bolts turned out by hand, they were seized in place by the bolts rusting in the housing and expanding. I did manage to break the cover getting it off, so I added that to the list of replacement parts needed.

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