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Kevin's 1960 Jeep CJ3

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Sniper timing control

By: Kevin 06/15/2020

I have had several issues with getting timing control too function properly. It has taken time and the addition of a laptop cable and software to get it working. I had many problems with using a magnetic pickup until i started changing the trigger voltage by using laptop software. Too much RFI generated or feedback by the msd box. There were little to no issues when the mag pickup fired the msd but when I wanted to explore the timing control that the sniper offered. Hard starting and kickback, excessive cranking time were only a few of the problems even with rotor phasing dialed in at both ends of advance and retardation.

Im glad i didn't try timing control out of the box! Its been one hell of a learning curve. I would not advise anyone to do it without a laptop and and a lot of time watching some of the tuners available on YouTube and holley support vids. There are a lot of things that can not be done with just the handheld! I just wish the usb cable had a built in y adapter so the handheld unit could be recording at the same time.

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