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Rocky’s story

By: Jdawgcrouser 06/26/2020

So I’ve had my truck since early 2017. I bought her back when I was in the army. Bought her in Pennsylvania and drove down to fort campbell Kentucky. First mod I did was to replace all my speakers and radio because they were completely fried. I went with some mid prices kicker speakers all the way around. Next came an exhaust with a muffler delete and a exhaust tip. Then came the push bar. After I got out of the army a few months later I got a volant cold air Intake. Then a few months after that I moved to Colorado and put a set of flowtech headers on. Then came the new hood and a inclosed 8in subwoofer by kicker. And then a new tune by elite performance. Next came the new wheels and tires. And here in a couple weeks she’s getting a new procharger and new tail lights. She’s helped me through a lot of my problems from the army and helped me

keep my head on straight through a real difficult time in my life. I love this truck. And she also has some LED interior lights, headlights and blinkers.

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