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My car

By: Joey 06/27/2020

My car is a 1978 Pontiac Grand am Lemans. When I got the car the front end was damaged. I searched for a front end from another pontiac but only found one and it was already picked over. My friend has his own junkyard of old cars. I was able to find quite a bit of malibu parts and I've always wanted a malibu so my options were pretty limited. I decided to turn it into a pontiac malibu. We call it the ponibu. Someone had put a trans am 400 and th350 in it. I ended up pulling that drive train and dropped in my chevy 406 with th350 in it. I call the car mighty mouse ponibu. My motor combo is world heads 202/160 valves beehive valves lift good to 630. Screw in studs guide plates.

stainless roller rockers 1.6 Comp cams xe294h speed pro pistons H616cp .030 summit racing balancer, factory steel crank. Weiand intake holley carb.

I just put the weiand intake and holley carb on it. I had a 750cfm edelbrock on it but kept flooding spark plugs out. I haven't heard it run with the holley carb yet. I ordered new headers and was sent the wrong ones from ebay. I decided to order from holley now just waiting for them to get here and install than start up.

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