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Dads 1972 SS Chevelle

By: Jason 07/08/2020

The Never Ending haunted project. It's getting there. It was an original small block Super Sport documented through GM of Canada. The motor lost oil pressure so I put in a 383 stroker. I did keep the original motor . Kind of got boned on that 383 and it's been a lot of work ever since. I just added the Holley sniper fuel injection and hyperspark but as I said the car is haunted so I drop it off the 13th of July to start final tuning at a local hotrod shop. Hopefully I can drive it out of there. The car hasnt been right in 7 years. The transmission isn't doing too well so eventually I will take the automatic transmission out and put a 4-speed in. I would love a 6 or 8 speed but my budget doesn't allow that. The rear end is done and I went through the entire brake system. I lowered the front end too. One day I would like to put a nice fuel injected LS motor in it maybe an LS3 or better. I would like to get a phenomenal paint job. I promised my father I would pass this car to my son which is the reason I sold my baby my 70. I couldn't keep them both because I had to cover final expenses when he passed. In return I have a haunted 72. Haha. My son better appreciate what I have done and what I'm doing because it has left me broke ( I'm on Social Security Disability due to an auto accident/back injury). Little by little but for now I just want to drive it. my son is 16 in a few weeks. I would like him to drive it.

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