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Close to engine removal!

By: Steven 07/09/2020

Got everything but the AC disconnected to remove the front clip.

Should have the engine out this weekend and on the rotisserie stand for tear down then off to the machine shop after a cleaning.

Block check, crank polish, hone or bore (whichever is needed), deep cleaning.

I will lap valves and reinstall with new seals and the machinist is going to teach me to port match to the weiand dual plan when it comes in.

stripping out all the unnecessary crap from then engine compartment while I have the front clip off including relocating the battery. I will pressure wash, wire wheel and paint everything under the hood.

Moving right along!

I also removed the stupid, cheap after market tach and oil pressure gauge. I will add a custom made pod (possibly A pillar?) to hold temp, tach and pressure.

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