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Former Family SUV

By: Vincent 08/09/2020

Thanks everyone for viewing and my wife for being patient with me during this build. My Yukon started out as a family vehicle until I got a stuck lifter in the Fall of 2018. I later find out this is a problem with flex fuel motors, which is what I have. When I took it to the mechanic to have it service for the stuck lifter, he quoted me around $2,000 to repair. I said no way was I going to pay that much to have it repaired. I said I will just have to take the time and do the repairs myself. As I tore into the engine, I realize that I don"t have to go back with stock parts, So I opt for better aftermarket parts. One thing led to another and 2 years later, it turned to a full blown rebuild on the motor and a few upgrades on non-engine parts. The motor started out as a stock iron block 5.3L and I had it bored and stroked to a 383 and the stock 243 heads ported and polished, All the upgrades are listed below:

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