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The Beginnings

By: Chandler 08/27/2020

In 2018 I was looking for a project that me and my father could do together. I ended up finding a few 56 bel airs like his dad had. I scored one locally, and funny enough the color combo on the tag was just like my Grandpas. It was a solid roller. It needed a little metal work, but it was all there. It had a 5.3/4l60 combo with C4 Corvette suspension, brakes and wheels. Sold the drivetrain and the chassis In 2019.

We were planning to put an aftermarket chassis underneath to update the car. Looking at all the different options out on the market, was overwhelming. The Tri five Bel Air has a ton of options, being one of the most popular cars to modify since forever. I ended up contacting some of these chassis companies. I went to shows seeing what everyone runs and it was all the same. The big names seemed to just not look any different. The guy I bought the car from had a few cars with MRC Fab Chassis’s. Shout out to Kyle Cochran @RNCoHotRods. After seeing the quality that Jimmy and his team put out it was a no-brainer. I actually ended up buying the Engine from him too but we’ll leave that for a later story to explain why.

In March of 2020 I hauled the car to MRC Fabrication. Jimmy and his team are top notch. Jimmy Bullard and Mittler Bro’s came up with Hydroshox. A really trick suspension, merging the full adjustability of a full 3/4 way coilover and the ride height adjustability of an airbag, WITHOUT the pit falls of bags. Hydraulics, and a coilover. His team consists of the best in the industry. The car is currently there amid Corona we’ll get some more updates soon.


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