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Dodge 730N Radio Bluetooth / USB issue

By: Jeff 08/27/2020

I had an issue with my 730N radio where the Bluetooth and the USB would not recognize any devices. I checked with Dodge and the only answer they had was "we've seen this before but the only solution is to replace the radio for $1,200". Shocked, I said no thanks. As a profession, I'm an IT guy and started researching the radio and found that Dodge had the full image of the radio OS on their site named "RHR-RHW-RHP-2.700.iso" that was built for my model of radio (with the latest update built-in!). That ISO allows you to fully reinstall the radio once burned to a DVD. Nothing to lose as the radio only functioned as a satellite / FM radio, I decided to roll the dice. Build a DVD, insert into the radio and start the car.

The radio accepted the DVD ISO and rebooted after about 10 minutes. Now, Bluetooth and USB works great! I took the solution back to my Dodge dealership and told discussed the solution in order to help others and got 2 years of free maintenance by sharing the "fix".



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