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My daily driver

By: SCTPK392 08/13/2019

I’ve been into cars my whole life and have had all kinds of makes and models. From Hondas to trucks and even a Volvo at one point. Having a family I needed something with four doors. The Scat Pack is everything I wanted in a daily driver. Tons of torque, good handling, great looks and plenty of room for the family. Of course I couldn’t leave well enough alone so I started by removing some badges to clean up the look. Then it needed some wheels. I went with Bravado 20x9.5(+18) up front and 20x11(+21) in the rear. The tire size is 275/40/20 front, 315/35/20 rear. My ten year old son suggested some decals so we started with the extra large hash mark “stripes”. I removed the 392 HEMI badges in order to install the stripes so I added large “RT” decals on the rear quarters along with handmade “392” decals since this car is technically an RT and not and SRT. Lots of debate about that online but I know what’s up! I finished off the decals with “Scat Pack” down the side of the hood scoop.

The only upgrade on the inside is a HURST pistol grip shifter. It is by far the BEST mod on this car! Even my wife likes it and that’s saying something!

Now that the looks were where I wanted it, for now, it was on to performance. First up was an active exhaust bypass kit from Mfer-1. Then I went with a 3” high flow catted midpipe from JBA and a mid muffler delete. I really don’t like calling it a “mid muffler delete” since technically these are the only mufflers on the car but it’s the term everyone seems to be using to relate to it. After the exhaust was where I thought I wanted it I installed a LegMaker true cold air intake which draws air from inside the fender. I knew the intake wouldn’t net much gain without a tune so I contacted HemiFever for a custom tune. The tune is amazing and the car performs great! It’s still comfortable to drive family around in and screams at wide open throttle!

In the future I may build the bottom end to handle some nitrous or boost and will definitely upgrade the cam. This car will be with me for a while so I can take my time with it.

Edit: Since writing the above I have lowered the car with Eibach Pro kit springs. To keep the alignment in spec I added camber bushings in the rear and SPC adjustable upper control arms up front. I also upgraded the trailing arms with BMR non-adjustable arms with poly bushings.

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