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Live, eat, sleep, dream, hot rods..

By: Russell 08/13/2019

I patiently purchased parts for my Chevelle for years as I could afford them working as an auto parts sales rep. I have invested thousands of hours into research and wrench turning.  My goal for the build was a drag/touring theme. It will run mid to low 10 second quarter miles and still be a blast on the road course or just cruising.  I planed to drive it more than race it so I chose to not install a roll cage.  It is an original 138 VIN Super Sport. My emotions got the best of me when I bought It so I overlooked the true condition of the car. There wasn’t one straight panel or trim piece and there was hidden rust. When all was said and done, I salvaged the main body shell (after much metal work). Everything else, including the frame was replaced.  All of the work on this car was done by me except the paint and finish bodywork. There is not one bolt that has not been turned or wire not soldered by me. I even built the transmission and engine myself including the custom carbs.

Completed Modifications

Cooling (1)
Engine Parts (2)
Forced Induction/Nitrous (1)
Interior (1)
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