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America's Pick-Up back in my time

By: JAMES 11/11/2020

I got this truck, after a pretty long while searching for one equipped as I wanted, as I had wanted a '67-'72 F100 since I was a kid. Some restoration had been done, but a lot of the work was beyond haphazard.

It did have a fresh engine: Good '68 302 block, generic Edelbrock Performer heads, mild roller cam, BBK intake and a Holley Commander control system that wouldn't hold a tune for 10 minutes at a stretch. I put a good new Zoom clutch and TKO transmission in it, completely re-engineered the clutch actuation system, put together a digital dash using Intellitronix gauges and fixed a nearly unending list of wiring issues. The most major task was changing over from the terribly mismatched fuel injection/engine control setup to a Mass Flow system.

I had originally planned on putting a pair of small turbos on it, but have moved that off of the list for the time being, as three other projects are clamoring to be back on the road and track.

No doubt the majority of the current generation of car people would be aghast at driving such a bare-bones old truck, but I love it. It is a joy to drive, and you won't get the gestures and comments you get from people about if you're driving a late model version.

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