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Good ol' truck

By: Douglass 12/26/2020

My dad bought this back in 1984 when he needed something better suited for driving up to my grandpa's property on the Mogollon Rim when snow falls on the highway up there than the 78 Pinto they had at the time.

Later he bought a 72 Blazer from a hunting buddy. The Blazer was better than the F100 in 2 ways. It's a 4x4, and it had seating for more. It wasn't very comfortable to travel 4½ hours on a bench seat and in the cab of a regular cab pickup with two adults and two kids.

The truck was sold in family to my uncle who was in the Navy. That was in 85.

About 8 years later, my uncle wanted to get something more fuel efficient than a V8 truck.

My first car was a 79 Pinto hatchback.

He offered to trade. I accepted. Personally I think I came out ahead, but anyway, the truck was now mine.

High school and my first out of school job, she got me through both of them.

In 2000 I joined the Navy. I didn't have my truck until the end of 2001. By then I was in school in Virginia. In December of 01, I had my truck back. In 2006 I got out, but not after buying an 87 Mustang and parking the 69 in my parents' backyard.

In 2007, my fiancé and I moved to Tennessee. So my 69 hasn't really run much since early 2007. All she really needs is a carb rebuild and a clean fuel tank, and it'll be up to snuff again.

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