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By: Robert 01/05/2021

I decided to do it in flat black, it was all silver, I sprayed satin clear over it later...turned out not 2 bad...



This is the finished body work. Spray painted, with my new spray gun, the drivers rear door, which I wet sanded more later, and both rear quarters, touched up my super bee stripe, repainted tail gate, as I had to fill 4 holes last owner drilled in the tail gate who mounted a cheap tail light strip.. What's wrong with 2-faced tape? It was alot of work 2. I added side bars, which was a pain, had to replace the rusted out body mounts along the rusted under body with sheet metal and caviar/metal reinforced bondo, lots of work, Sorry no pics of that yet....This thing was really a rust bucket. turned out not 2 shabby...I think...

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