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By: PAP 08/15/2019

I shook the previous owner's hand 10 years ago, that if he ever sold it, I wanted it. 10 years later in 2018 he was ready to give it up. It sat in his garage and he would start it up and drive it into his trailer and tow the car half a mile up the road, due to him living on a gravel road. He would unload it and would drive it slow to Florabama and back, about 5 miles from his house. He would then drive it back into the trailer and tow it back to his house and back into the garage it would go. He did this same routine every month for years. I have done nothing to it since buying the car. Every time I think about doing something to it, the authenticity keeps me from doing it. It is a pleasure to drive and brings everybody out when they see it.

The car has not had water on it since 2006. It gets a dust off and a cover goes on it when not in use.

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