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Power Rack Problems

By: Andrew 08/15/2019

Over the last years of owning the car I've had 3 different power racks... First one leaked all over the place, second leaked, third is currently installed and waiting for leaks. Why can't the folks rebuilding these do it right? I have also had a good friend install a brand new Flaming River piece and watched it leak.

The parts retailers show 3 variations for my mustang which all have to do with the number of turns from 'lock to lock'. 2.25, 2.5, and 3 turns lock to lock. The 2.25 was chosen for the current set up and seems incredibly responsive. According to maximum motorsports the best option involves using an SN95 power rack - specifically a 99-04 power rack. their website has really good detail on which models have the best driver 'feel'. They also recommend a company, 'TurnOne Steering Systems' as a reputable rebuilder of power racks. When its time for the 4th power rack I'll probably go one of those routes.


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