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Hell Raiser History

By: Hell Raiser 08/23/2019

I purchased my car as a stock roller 27 years ago. I completely disassembled it the 1st weekend and it sat for almost 24 years due to life’s detours. Both of my parent’s health had gotten worse over the years and I spent full time taking care of both them. Over the years I was able to buy parts when I could and stacked them in the spare bedroom. Boxes were stacked 5ft tall and I was hoping someday to finish my car.

Four years ago my mother passed away with dementia and I was devastated. I wanted to share my memory of her and use the heart she gave me to help others. Through my Car Club I started, Bootleggers Idaho Street Outlaws, I organized charity benefits every year to help support my local community. (My charity work took all my free time) Together as one, we successfully completed several benefits for Dementia / Alzheimer’s, Our Local Children’s Hospital, Our Local Veterans and raising funds to buy care packages for our active military. We have raised 1,000’s of dollars for our community and have given away 1500+ Hot Wheels to the kids. I know mom would be proud of me.

Early in 2018 my Dad (who was 82 at the time) was taking to me about my car and he said “I will never get to ride in your car before I pass away” After that conversation I had to finish my car so I could have memories of him riding with me. So with much help from my Car Club and Mike Black from Black Magic Customs, we were able to finish my car in March of 2019 just two days before the 1st show (Which I received four awards) Just a couple of months later me and my dad took our 1st ride together.

Many friends helped make my dream a reality. This is what makes my car so special. I intend to use my car to bring back memories and smiles to others. In the near future my car will be on display at a M.D.A. fundraiser and I will be doing a cruise with others in my car club as we show our appreciation to our local 1st responders. We will be delivering ice cream to many fire stations and giving thanks to our local fire fighters.

Bart Cepek (A local photographer) followed my car history and donated a free photo shoot at his studio. I have been blessed by his contribution and he has taken several awesome photos of my car. I am hoping to continue my dream and praying one day that my car would be published in a magazine. My car may be nicknamed “Hell Raiser” but a bunch of miracles from heaven keep blessing me as I continue making new friends and creating new smiles with my car.

Tom Davis    Boise, Idaho

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