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Finding a home

By: Victor 08/23/2019

1EE7C435-F808-4A74-8F23-7796E6F71513.jpegA28AC709-6C42-424B-B9EC-77C6B4431466.pngI don’t like 3rd Gen camaros ... not sure if I mentioned that. My friend had a chevelle original Ss 402 low miles car. I had an LS 5 454 code correct with closed chamber heads all freshly done ..... he had a nice custom bike I traded for the motor that I helped install & tune with him. My other friend had this camaro as his drag car & converted to street for a lil bit. He wanted my bike that I had no interset in. So a trade was done. Ran the car for a half season ..... took it apart and made changes.

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