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Tasha’s high school car.

By: T Scott 08/24/2019

I bought this Nova SS in the mid 90’s in Wentachee, wa. We drove it out to Billings when we moved and it later became Tasha’s high school car. After she left out on her own I started drag racing it at Lewiston Mt converting the 10 bolt to a 9” ford and beefed up the suspension and rear gears for drag racing. After I bought a 65 Malibu and started racing it I sold this car to some friends who stripped it and got serious about racing it for a season in Kansas, Manhattan raceway. It then went to calif, porterville where it just sat in the sun n weather for many yrs. I bought it back and transported it to my place in northern Idaho where my daughter decided she’d like to have it back for the street for her n her boys to restore. I cut the cage out and took out the 383 n powerglide and put in a 305 and a Saginaw 4 speed. The gauges and interior are gone and we’re having trouble le finding the right stuff for it. I removed the 9” and am putting a big 10 bolt in it for now. May try to find a 12 bolt for it. Currently working on the shifter mount. I haven’t found the right one for to fit it in the console right. Getting it ready to transport to her place in Oregon. Lotta work.

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