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1970 Corvette LS-7

By: Ken 08/25/2019

It's a 1970 "production type motor" (Aluminum Head, 11.25:1 compression ratio, solid lifter cam, NOT a "crate 12.25:1 comp. ratio steel head motor". I got it from Earnie Callard at the Tonawanda Engine Plant that he VIP'd to me in St. Louis back in 1970. The LS-7 option was deleted when I ordered the car, so I ordered the LS-5 with transistor ignition and then installed the Ls-7 that I got from Earnie months later. Now I have what I originally ordered but was deleted the way it should have been!F63C57E6-A77F-4BE6-8B2E-C5CC3404AC3D.JPG

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