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Front End Upgrades

By: Michael 08/27/2019

The front suspension was to be kept original, at least for now.  A Rebuild Kit for a Power Steering car (Part# 25716) was purchased from West Coast Classic Cougars (WCCC) along with upgraded spring perches (Part# 11979) are made with synthetic elastomer bushings. New 1” drop coil springs (Part# 26688) featuring 600-pound/inch rating were installed and lower the car approximately one inch from stock. To strengthen the front shock towers, reinforcement plates (Part# 12-3008) cut from 1/8” steel were welded in place at an angle on the inside lower portion of the shock towers.  A one-piece export brace (Part# 11439) was also added that greatly reduces twisting of the chassis and strengthens the front end.  


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