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Follow the build on YouTube - SE Speed Shop

By: Trent 08/28/2019

The Falclone is a Syclone/Falcon AWD turbo build. It will surely be a legend, a build like no other falcon on the planet. Please follow the build on YouTube- SE Speed Shop. I will be updating content on Holley's Site as well as YouTube on weekly basis. This thing will be wild, a challenging build but a beast of epic proportions.

The Plan:

AWD Syclone running gear/ frame transplant

Upgraded suspension driveline components

600+HP Turbo Charged power plant (TBD engine type)

Complete Holley EFI system and fuel components

Wide Body modifications to fenders and quarter panels

Fully custom roll cage, interior panels, dash


Sub 10 second quarter mile

Autocross Monster

Killer looks and stance

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