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Quests for Cooling

By: David 08/29/2019

Okay, so, apparently compressing air makes things really really hot. When I installed the Supercharger, it was late September, and here in Arizona we're still in the High 90's but not so much the 100's. Anyway, when I drove on the freeway just for just a couple miles the truck started Red Lining the Temp gauge, actually above the Red Line. So I had to figure out the cooling issue otherwise I couldn't use the truck for 5 months out of the year. I already had a 3 core Radiator (factory is 2 core). A custom Aluminum Radiator was around a $1000 so I thought I'd try what I could before I did that. After a few conversations with people in the know,


I started with just getting an Air/Fuel ratio gauge and a Boost/Vac gauge to get a better understanding of what is going on.


I had a bung welded on for the oxygen sensor at the exhaust shop (only $15 :-) And now I know what an o2 sensor does :-)


I adjusted the Carburetor the best I could for the proper air/fuel ratio and a little richer on the top end. I also adjusted the timing the best I could and overall It did seem to help a tiny bit.


Next I thought I'd try cold air induction (which always sounds funny to me being in Arizona). So I got a Weber Hat for the Carb and 2-1/2" flex piping and a K&N Filter.


I had to move the Battery to the other side of the truck.


Then I cut the hole in the front


I connected everything up, which I don't have a picture of, but when I ran it, and stepped on the gas a little, it choked really bad, I couldn't even get out of the neighborhood. It was just way too restrictive for the Supercharger, and 2-1/2" was the biggest I could go because of the Weber carb Hat. So I ended up just leaving the hose from the front for now to blow in some cooler air.



Next I thought I'd try an Oil Cooler w/ Remote Filter Relocation. I already had and Oil temp gauge in my dash so it would be interesting to see how much it would lower the temp. And it did, I was hitting around 250deg and it dropped to around 200-220 when really pushing it.

I Attached the thingy-ma-bob to the doo-hickey.


Then found a good place for the watcha-ma-call-it.


Next I squeezed in the oil radiator in the front somehow.



And connected all the hoses


Well that cooled the oil but not the engine so much. I believe it was too much in the way of the Main Radiator and just adding heat and less air to the Main Radiator, so I decided to move the oil radiator down and to the passenger side kind of behind the bumper and added a Spal 5.2" fan for it. I have no idea how I made it all fit but I did with a little persuasion. I had to fabricate a little metal shield to block the oil radiator from any rocks coming off the tires. And that finally seemed to help the overall temp of the engine.





Next I was able to locate a custom hood scoop for this truck at in Canada . I was thinking I could force air in and down the back of the motor to help keep the air moving away from the engine. (also the hood scoop fit like a glove, no modification, Corey really knows his fiberglass, amazing)


I painted it myself with Spray Paint & Spray Clear Coat From again and then wet sanded it and polished it and I was impressed, it came out really nice for Spray paint in a can!


Next I cut holes in my hood. This kind of freaked me out but I was desperate and I figured I could just fill in the holes with some duct tape and bondo and buff it out if I changed my mind lol!





But by this time it was late in November and cooler temps so I wouldn't know until summer how everything was working.

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