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76 Super Chevy

By: Jon 09/02/2019

I took a friend to buy this truck 25 years ago and now it has come into my posession after years of his hard work... I hope I can make it everything he wanted and more.

1976 Super Chevy Cheyenne pickup with a new Merlin engine with12:1 compression, Grumpy Jenkins heads, TH400 race built trans, 3” exhaust, dyno’d @680+HP, 11.65 in the 1/4, 12 bolt posi 3-link rear end, Camaro front end, 4 wheel disc brakes, 4.11 & 3.73 gears, 2 sets of custom Centerline wheels with newer 60/50 series Pirelli tires on one set, wrinkle walls and 5.5” pizza cutters on the other set, fresh paint and diamond tuck interior

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