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Rescued, a bit late...

By: Jeremy 09/05/2019

This was bought as a farm truck and has been a farm truck since it drove off the lot, apparently. Not sure when the last time it ran was before I bought it, but it had spent many months in a field being a home to the homeless rodents and creatures of the world.

I have gutted the interior to put solid metal in place for the rusted holes that were floorboards at one time, and cleaned out all the cr@p that was under the bench seat. I have two bucket seats that are going to go in once I am finished with the floors and interior metalwork. The engine runs good for a 35 year old farm truck. Very little of the wiring actually works, someone at some point in time "fixed" the wiring and nothing electrical works reliably, except for the headlights which I rewired and upgraded to relays straight off the battery. Fusable links are cr@p and I'm not going to deal with them. The carburetor is junk, no electrical or vacuum lines are hooked to it which isn't that big of a problem since the secondaries won't open and the TV cable is not adjusted right. Someone in the past put headers, dual exhaust, glass packs, a lift kit, 33" tires, and turned the truck into a monster... if it ran properly.

This is my mission, my project. Getting this hunk of !#1% running and driving properly.

Gotta get a new carb though.

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