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By: Andrew 09/29/2019

I bought the vehicle about a year and a half ago. Before that it sat in a barn for about 20 years. The owner before me told me his friend owned it who had past away and his wife was reluctant to sell it to anyone. She eventually sold it to him and he had it where it sat for some time, I have no idea. He put it up for sale and I bought it. After fixing the brake issues and giving it a tune up she hauled &!!, but for the life of me I couldn’t get her to idle correctly at all, she seems to have a misfire issue.

I decided to rebuild the engine, I did the whole rebuild by myself, it was a learning experience. I loved it. I found out after taking the block, crank and heads to a machine shop for reconditioning that I had 2 bent valves which then I realized why she would idle right, but she still rolled like you wouldn’t believe. 80+ down the highway just cruising.

Since I did the rebuild. I bought a used set of 440 heads which happened to be cracked and I didn’t know. On first break the heads where leaking coolant. But I couldn’t stop I ran her for 20 mins at 2200 rpm, the tti headers where glowing red and I was like holy !#!% I hope this engine is good cause I thinking I just messed up the warranty on these headers. I also realized I put the wrong torque converter in cause she would stall everytime I dropped her in gear. Comp cams said I should run a 1800 stall or more for the cam. So I dropped in a 2000 stall and changed the heads to the 440 906 heads from Indy racing. She has been a roller ever since. I drove her to the poor boys car show in woodland CA, and a few others. Now I’m going to replace the holly 750 carb with a sniper efi system from holly.

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