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To Kool Anglia

By: Joseph 10/16/2019

I purchased the car in 2017 it originally had a single 4 barrel edlebrock performer carburetor and manifold, it worked alright but I wanted the car to have the look and performance of a 60's / 70's nostalgia gasser.

The car is all steel there is no fiberglass on the car, at first I was thinking about putting a blower on the car but two things kept me from that idea, first I couldn't see myself cutting a hole in a perfectly good steel hood and second there are a lot of cars out there with blowers, so I thought why not fuel injection I contacted Hilborn about one of there EFI units and one thing led to another and now the car has a Hilborn / Holly HP EFI unit and still stays below the hood.

All the original fuel, oil and brake lines were replaced with Earls hose, hose ends, ss, tubing and fittings

Originally the car had JZF 10" front disc brakes and Oldsmobile rear drum brakes with a small jam jar style master cylinder, stopping was scary to say the least, so the rear brakes were changed to Wilwood 12" rotor 4 piston rear disc and a Baer master cylinder and proportioning valve were added.

Gauges were not working or were added, the speedometer was not connected because of a clearance issue where the cable connects to the trans, so a right angel drive was used to correct the problem, a tach was added, water temp sender was replaced as were gauge light bulbs,

I wanted to mount a parachute to the car to give it the correct look but I didn't want to mount it to the body the car didn't have a rear bumper so I made one out of aluminum tubing which also worked as a mounting point for the chute.

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