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how i got her

By: Mad shifter 07/01/2019

The truck started off as a farm truck in southern minnesota from what i was told. my grandfather bought it and rebuilt the driveline and swapped the motor to a 400sbc then back to the original 305. my grandfather needed help with heating his house and he could not climb the stairs as much as he needed so i stayed with him for several months in thanks he gave me the truck. the transmission was slowly on the way out. mid july of 2018 the tranny went with about 139k is my assumption as the dash wont read above 99,999 miles. truck mainly stayed stock for me other then 2 12 inch subs and 2 3x9 speakers and a aftermarket radio. didnt touch the truck other then oil change until about 2 months into 2019 when i got sick of the rusty air cleaner. one thing lead to another and ive grown even more in love with the truck. I was never a big truck guy growing up but she converted me. ive got big plans for her before this winter and i want her to be ready so im really cracking down on all the parts i need.

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