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Tried Meth but it freaked me out!

By: David 01/07/2020

I was checking into Water/Methanol injection hoping it would keep the engine cooler so I could advance the timing because I had the timing so far back to keep it from pinging. So I went ahead and purchased the AEM 1.15gal system. And started installing it.



Located a place for the tank so that I had easy access to it.


Next located a place for the pump under the bed.


Then located a place for the controls


Next was finding a location for the injector.

I first tried this spot but I guess the (overspray?) would end up dripping out the front of the air cleaner.


Next I tried this spot and it worked a little better but even both locations would also end up leaking where the air plenum connects to the carb, which I wasn't thrilled about.


But in the end I got rid of it, here's the story:

After a couple of weeks of adjusting the timing and amount of water/meth to be injected at boost, it was running pretty good and I was able to advance the timing a bit like I was hoping for but because I'm in boost so much with this little engine, it was really sucking down the water/meth.

So I decided to go for a couple hour drive out of town and about midway in my drive I started noticing the little green light that comes on when it's being injected was not coming on when I was going up a hill and then all of the sudden it just stayed on when I was not even in boost! So I freaked out because if the little light was not malfunctioning then the system was just dumping water into my engine, so pulled off to the side of the road and as I'm slowing down coming to a stop, I can tell my engine is starting to drown and I was afraid if I turned the engine off that I may not get it started again. So I leaned over to the passenger area and grabbed the controller and unplugged it as fast as I could because the engine was just about to stall but it coughed and sputtered for a couple of minutes and then finally cleared itself out. So needless to say that kind of freaked me out. I thought about just replacing the controller and trying again but Amazon said I had to send everything back and then order another system but I ended up sending it all back and not repurchasing it. Just not for me.

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