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By: Mike 01/14/2020

My Great Uncle bought this car new in 1958. He took my mother to the hospital when she was pregnant with me and brought me home as a baby in this. When I was 15 I of course, wanted it. My Mom refused to let him "give" it to me so I paid $1 for it. Driven it through high school, my military career and now into my 50's. Being an avid hot rodder my whole life things have changed for the old girl. Disc brakes, 8 3/4 out of a Satellite, still running original Poly V8 and Torqueflight but motor is now warmed up with Eagle rods, lightly ported heads, Holley 2V, upgraded rocker shafts from Gary Pavlovich, some cool rare finned aluminum valve covers from Australia, Flowcooler water pump, converted to 3 wire alt, battery in the trunk.

Drive it as much as I can...

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