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Work in Progress 85 SS T Top Monte Carlo

By: dyln 03/01/2020

I just pick this car up and no motor and trans in it when I got up frame is in really good shape body is OK I live in Maine so we have a lot of rust I am trying to fully restore this car the only differences I would like a modern drive train so I am going with a 2010 LS 6.0 with a 2 Wheel Dr. tranny out of a 2010 HD 2500 yeah slow but sure something I would like to put around on the weekends gonna be a fun build anybody has any cool ideas let me know I am going with full UMI racing suspension with coil overs And tubular a arms and they’re full suspension set up in a lower the car to inches may re-paint the car white or candy apple red I don’t know yet

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