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Saving the POS

By: Liv 04/07/2020


I’m not quite sure how this car survived all these years, but it did. !#!%%$ paint job and all. I still don’t know the backstory on this Firebird but I do know that it’s been through hell and back. The subframe was bent badly, the original 1971 Pontiac 350 had been swapped for an even worse ‘72 350 engine, all 4 tires were different sizes, and the misaligned/dented front end implied that this car had been jumped over a train. These qualities were enough to make any buyer shudder at the thought of spending money on this POS. I, on the other hand, believed this base model Firebird would make the perfect candidate for the build I had in mind. I bought the car in Ontario, CA in February of 2019. It’s been over one year now since I took ownership and the Firebird is a totally new animal.

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