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Dale's 1967 Hydro-Flite

1967 Hydro-Flite 19-ft

badass 426 Chrysler Max Wedge


Build Points


  • Color: White/orange/black walnut wood deck
  • Horsepower: 550
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    Mom and Dad bought this brand new in 1967 and Dad was a Mopar man....wanted a Hemi, but had a family and couldn't afford he found a 426 Max Wedge, swapped out the cam with a Mopar stage III solid cam, Hunt Mag, worked over the carbs etc. The boat is a 19' glass hull with special ordered black walnut wood deck, Jones 10k tach mounts on the deck (not pictured) casale v-drive with quick change gear set, double bladed prop, nicson manifolds & misc Nicson bolt-ons, custom bent 3.5" aluminum pipes and more. Dad ran it through the traps in 1971 and it ran 101mph. Dad and I always launched the boat and took it out on some 6k rpm passes chasing mud hens around the lake while my mom, brother and lil' sis drove back to camp in the 66 Rivera GS. Best memory I have...was out in the boat one day with Dad and next thing I know we were doing around 90+ mph racing a flat bottom with a blown BBC...and it was scary as hell, but fun! Needless to say the Maxi didn't have enough top end for that challenge.

    Future Plans

    Resto the deck and take her out and putt around my local lake.

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    • Tom

      Awesome boat! Bet that looks cool being pulled behind your 69(?) El Camino!
    • Dale

      Thanks Tom...yeah it would look pretty awesome behind it, but I sold the El Co to start the next project soon...which is Grandpa's 55 Bel air 2 dr H/T he bought new!