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MAC OF NAP's Mac Sauce

2001 Toyota Camry

XLE 3.0L V6


Build Points


  • Color: Gold
  • Horsepower: 194
  • Drivetrain: FWD

Vehicle Overview

In the starting process of replacing all worn parts that anything to reduce the standard specifications of how this vehicle should perform and any/all of increasing the potential that this vehicle could be running in quality or beyond it’s specs. in every way that doesn’t end up causing parts to cease in running at optimal health level while idling, in rush hour traffic, wether driving short or long distances, city or highway, performance in all four seasons weather wise in excessive Heat or excessive freezing temperatures, with any and all weather phenomena that North American has been known to frequent or could potentially have in the regions history of weather that has come and gone that has been seen in all of the it’s horrific potential throughout the years and seem to meet and exceed my expectations!

Future Plans

All upgradeable options that can be performed without an Toyota factory certified Service Technician to use a specific degree of knowledge and able to be an option put on the vehicle and doesn’t require an automotive computer that is without any qualifications that exceeds the value of the car and is specific to just my vehicle and could use on any future or other vehicle that I own causing this to be a money pit refurbishment and upgrading! Also to create a vehicle so unique and be able to put specific things that would allow sponsorship and possibilities of traveling and could get potentially as a sponsored specific to the manufacturers that would give all future products that would enhance the vehicle in performance, uniqueness of the parts and the type of Car show based on its position in all shows throughout the United States that a sponsor would pay and send all of the newest products and vehicle specific products that only fit the vehicle! Potential is to get on with a sponsor to not only have one vehicle and type but multiple vehicles from size, type of vehicle (sport utility vehicle, truck, the weight-class, custom to everyday, etc. Possibly get multiple sponsor and vehicles (Types, and classification)! Be able to see vehicles and drive vehicles that I wouldn’t normally drive but would have access too finally allowing me to drive and get into vehicles that are unique and rare to the point that they may have it in a competition circuit but not allowed to be sold sold in the United States due to any reason their not in or allowed within the States career potential to gain and new hobbies and me being able to put myself out there and have my interest become an everyday life!!

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