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White_Stallion_4.6's White Stallion F150

2006 Ford F-150

XLT 281/4.6L V8


Build Points


  • Color: Oxford White
  • Horsepower: 307
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    My Dad bought this truck brand new with 200 miles on the clock already, back in early 2006. I myself shot him this cool idea when he got it home, that idea was to start building her up to the standard y'all see her at today. Now in present day after 14 years have pasted we're putting all the finishing touches on. What amazes me after all this time is that we basically built this truck from the ground up in our driveway! We still have a little to a lot more ideas to make this build better then it has been. Powertrain is a 4.6/281ci 16v V8 bolted to a 4R70 engine mods include a cold air, shorty headers and a super 10 flowmaster, For a full build list check out my instagram @W_S_4.6

    Future Plans

    OTP cut outs whipple supercharger comp cam alum heads boost a pump injectors MSD coils MSD ignition box upgraded spare plugs coilovers 4 link rear suspension

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