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1984 Chevrolet C10

Silverado 350/5.7L V8


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  • Color: medium metallic blue
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    1984 c10 short bed. It was my first truck when I turned 15 in 2010. I started fixing it up while I was in high school as a project with my father. The truck was originally a 305 700r4 truck but had been swapped with a 350 th400. My father and I used the truck as bonding time, installing a 4/6 drop kit, bigger 3500 Silverado brakes, fresh paint job, new seat, dash cover, carpet, new grille, and much more. I drove it all through high school and a couple years of college until the oil pump pickup tube came off and starved the engine for oil causing major engine damage in 2016. Unfortunately, the truck sat around uncovered for a couple years as I couldn't afford to fix it, this caused some of the clear coat to peel off on the hood and roof. As a broke college kid, I managed to put together a budget 383 by late 2018. Buying a part at a time and doing some trading for speed parts, it was a slow process. But I ended up putting it together with a forged eagle crank, scat rods, a used set of wiseco forged pistons with a 10cc dish, and a set of old Pro-topline Pro-lightning heads with a 64cc chamber and a 200cc runner. I topped it off with a performer RPM intake I purchased off Facebook for $50 and a used Road Demon Carb. The truck was a blast for a couple weeks. Unfortunately, due to a cheap stall converter I purchased for $199, I ended up ruining the crank due to a thrust bearing failure from torque converter ballooning. So once again the truck has sat for a couple years while I attempt to save up money and buy a part at a time. I had the crank welded and fixed and the block line honed. the engine is only a set of rod bearings away from being able to go back together, but now I find myself in a dilemma. I got lucky enough to purchase a complete 5.3 and two 4l60e transmissions for $200 from a local shop that was going out of business. I would love to do the LS swap due to the ease of power they make, and the added fuel milage and drivability from the overdrive transmission. But in order to do this I will need to purchase a complete EFI system such as the terminator X Max. So I need opinions, finish the classic 383 and th400 setup or go with the stock 5.3 4l60e and purchase a terminator x that will support future mods to the LS like a camshaft, nitrous, etc. Thanks!

    Future Plans

    LS swap or forged 383sbc, new wheels/tires, boost, 9” axle swap

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    • Christian

      Short video of the truck on YouTube, new videos coming soon as I start the build process over again. Thanks for looking!
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