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Houston's The Full Metal Goat

1966 Pontiac GTO

Pro-Street 698 Big Block With A F3-136 ProCharger


Build Points


  • Color: Full Metal
  • Horsepower: 2500
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    (Words by Olivia Scaffidi: Photos by Houston Kilby) Badass. The first word that came to mind when I stumbled across this amazing pro-street build while scrolling through Facebook. Builder, Houston Kilby, is a hot rodding and racing enthusiast from Johnson City, Tennessee. He has been working on his 1966 Pontiac GTO known as the “FULL METAL GOAT” for three years now and has been involved in racing his whole life. He first began drag racing at only 9 years old in a junior dragster and eventually moved on to building his own hot rods. What makes this pro-street even more amazing is the fact that it is a true garage build. From welding the chassis, to stretching the wheel wells and installing the tubs, Kilby has invested countless weekends toward completing the project and his dedication to building the car on his own is something to be commended. “This build from front to back has been a learning experience. I worked alongside Blaine Kilby, one of the best chassis builders, and learned how to bend chrome moly tubing and Tig weld. Blaine showed me the ropes so I could then apply everything I learned to my own project,” Kilby explains. “The hardest part of the build by far was learning how to Tig weld the chassis. It took six months of practice before I was good enough to weld up my own chassis.” Under the hood of this beast, you’ll find a massive 698 cubic-inch F3-136 ProCharged Big Chief engine. “I decided to go with the best ProCharger engine builder in the country, so I spoke to Steve Morris and his team 3 years ago when I began the FULL METAL GOAT project. They helped me work out a plan with the motor I already have to piece it together.” The Big Chief engine is coupled to a TSR Power glide Pro mod transmission. Kilby wanted a car that was flexible for all street-car style racing events and also intends on driving the GTO on the road.

    Completed Modifications

    Drivetrain/Transmission/Differential (1)
    Forced Induction/Nitrous (1)
    Wheel/Tires (1)

    Future Plans

    I want to upgrade to a Holley Dominator EFI system and take this car to the next level!! The style of racing I will be attacking is heads up 1/8 mile street car events. Plus every street car take over event I can get to.

    Wish List: Holley dominator efi system

    • Dominator EFI ECU
      The new standard in EFI with virtually unlimited capabilities! Integrated electronic transmission control, drive by wire throttle control, dual wideband oxygen sensor capability, extensive amount of inputs and outputs for various combinations, and much more.
    • Dominator EFI Turbocharged Methanol Kit
      Includes Dominator EFI, MSD Pro 600, 6.86" Pro Dash, 8 Channel CAN EGT's, Traction Control, G-Meter, Boost Control, Wiring Harness, and Sensors.
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