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Larry's Nightwind

1969 Chevy Corvette

Supercharged & Fuel Injected 479 CI aluminum big block


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  • Color: Black
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    This is the first new car I ever owned...and I still do. Ordered from the factory to my specs in late 1968, it was delivered to me on January 20, 1969. Originally equipped with the 390 HP 427 and Muncie wide-ratio four-speed, it was also the first car I ever had with A/C. I frequently autocrossed it successfully from the 2nd week of ownership until about 1978, when it became a regularly driven full custom street-only vehicle. I designed and executed all of the fiberglass modifications and performed all of the mechanical upgrades. I bought one of the first B&M/Weiand/Holley superchargers for big blocks, constructed a custom intake plenum to mount four Mikuni sidedraft carburetors with the help of a good friend and changed to a Gilmer-style belt drive. After swapping out the original engine in favor of a World Products "Merlin Light" all-aluminum block and Edelbrock heads, I converted the Mikuni carbs to throttle bodies and built a fuel injection system controlled by a Holley Commander 950 computer. Later, I replaced the 4-speed with one of the first Richmond "R.O.D." 6-speed manual transmissions. There are virtually no areas of the car that haven't been modified in some manner. For more photos, in-depth history and complete list of modifications and components, please visit my website: www.nightwindvette

    Future Plans

    There are always ongoing changes, but no major plans unless an exciting new technology appears that I can adopt.

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