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1990 Ford F-250

XLT Lariat Big Block Ford Swap


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  • Color: white
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    bought it for $200 for just the hood for my bronco, she didn’t run when i met her but with 40 mins and a breaker bar with 13/16 socket and a 13mm wrench i got her to drive off the previous owners lot dropping his jaw. when i got her home discovered that she was a 351w truck originally and was swapped with a 302w by the original owner and had a really bad head gasket failure. she then got a 351w roller cam swapped back into her with a holly 600cfm carb because of unknown eec compatibility. then got a free built 460 and now that’s what’s getting swapped into her with a 650cfm brawler with mechanical secondary to chill out her hp.

    Future Plans

    to get her running

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