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1978 Ford F-250

Custom Big Block Ford Swap


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  • Color: Gray
  • Drivetrain: 4x4
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  • Vehicle Overview

    I’m 16, purchased it when I just turned 15, original plans were to daily it, but soon realized it wouldn’t be reliable for that for awhile, so I began “restoring” it, I took it down to the frame, put new floors in it, painted the cab and front clip, then put it back together, chased wiring issues all over the truck finally got it halfway running decently. Then had to pull the transmission for a front pump seal and a rear main, once it was fixed from there I drove it very shortly and not far, it started having more and more issues with coils and wiring. So I parked it and decided I need a new wiring harness. So I’m waiting till I have enough money for a harness.

    Future Plans

    Up coming plans for it is a rebuilt, built 427, 4 speed toploader, and a working transfer (current one doesn’t work). Then I’d like to fix the bed, needs bed floor and a corner, it desperately needs a new harness so I’m looking into a painless harness. After that it needs all the suspension ran through, I’d like to do a rear caliper conversion, and set up a parking brake

    Wish List: My f150

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