Dodge D100 - 1965-1967

The 2nd Generation D100 debuted midway through 1965, now sporting two headlights instead of four. Three new engines were added as options including a 440 cubic inch big block during the 2nd Generation's production run. In 1968, a the D100 received a midlife facelift and new trim levels including the Adventurer and "The Dude" trims.

Street Demon Carburetor - 625 CFM

  • Ball burnished shiny aluminum with black composite fuel bowl
  • Designed for use on most stock to mildly modified V8s
  • Developed from the ground up with smooth styling - patented timeless design fits modern as well as traditional themed vehicles
  • One piece airhorn is easy to clean and maintain
  • Aerospace Composite fuel bowl offers significant heat insulating benefits over aluminum fuel bowl - keeps fuel up to 20º cooler for optimum performance with modern fuels
  • Electric Choke Management means easy cold starts
  • Dual mounting bolt pattern - fits most aftermarket spread/square bore intake manifolds without adapter
  • Integrated fuel bowl/main body design with gasket above fuel level and no plugged passages to eliminate all potential leak paths
  • Small 1-3/8” primary throttle bores combined with proven Triple-Stack™ boosters deliver amazingly crisp throttle response and drivability, superior fuel atomization and improved fuel economy
  • Goggle Valve Secondary throttle plate delivers over twice the air flow of the primary bores for power you can hear and feel
View 625 CFM Street Demon Carburetor

HK Magnum Wheels - 17 x 8 in.

  • Classic looks in a larger, modern wheel size
  • Cast aluminum with black powder coated inserts and deep diamond machined lip clear powder coated for durability and low maintenance.
  • 17" Diameter with 8" Width allows for modern tire styles
  • 5 x 4.5" Bolt Pattern fits Ford/Mopar/AMC
  • 4.25" Backspacing good for early '60-70s era musclecars
  • 2-1/8" Center Bore accepts most Ford/Mopar Magnum center caps
  • Includes chromed lightweight polymer cone style center cap with optional HK decal
  • Accepts regular 3/4 or 13/16" hex head 60 degree conical seat lug nuts
View HK Magnum Wheel - Aluminum 17" x 8", 4.25" Backspace, 5 x 4.50 Bolt Pattern

Hays Twister Torque Converter - 2400-2800 RPM

  • All Full Race series converters are built, tested, and proven to support up to 1,000 horsepower
  • Features a custom anti-balloon plate designed to stop potential torque converter ballooning
  • Designed to handle the extreme shock and abuse of trans-brakes, nitrous oxide, superchargers, and turbochargers
  • State of the art Spray Welding process is used in select areas. Spray Welding provides clean, strong and consistent fusion while also increasing strength through hardening from higher process temperature
  • Each converter is hand-built and inspected in every step of assembly to ensure top of the line quality
  • All Hays torque converters are internally welded compared to brazing. Testing has shown welding provides longer converter life while also enhancing consistency
  • Heavy duty Torrington bearings are used for greater strength and durability
  • Stators are chosen with high flow vents and channels to promote cooling in heat producing higher horsepower applications
  • Increased horsepower and acceleration due to a weight saving, one application design. Almost all Hays converters are built for one application to reduce weight compared to a multi-bolt pattern converter
  • Full Race series torque converters are offered in several different stall speeds for popular automatic transmissions
  • Industry leading Tech Support Team is available to provide assistance with stall speed selection
View Hays Twister Full Race Torque Converter, Chrysler TF-727

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