The Hammer shifter may just be the most comfortable automatic shifter you can buy. The unique design easily fits small to large hands and provides the appropriate wrist angle. The multi-position trigger is spoon-shaped for easy operation in a multitude of grip positions. The result is a shifter which is perfect for all new-generation vehicles and street rods where style is not just form, but function.
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  • Quick & easy to operate with smooth ratchet-action shifting
  • Includes internal backup light switch
  • Internal neutral safety switch
  • Illuminated gear position indicator

Hammer Universal

Transmission Make Transmission Model
GM TH400, 350, 250, 200, 200-4R, 700R4, 4L60, 4L60E*, 4L65E*, 4L80E*, and 4L85E*
Ford C4,C6, AOD*, AODE*, 4R70W*, E40D*, and 4R100*
Chrysler TF-727 and A904 (1966 and later)

*4L60E, 4L65E, 4L80E & 4L85E with PRNDL switch require installation kit 75498. AOD requires 40496 installation kit. AODE & 4R70W require 40504 installation kit. E40D & 4R100 require 40505 installation kit.

Hammer Console Shifter

Shifter Part Number Fits Transmission Model
81001 94-04 Mustang Ford AODE, AOD, and C4*
81002 87-93 Mustang Ford AODE, AOD, and C4*

*C4 requires part number 81020 installation kit. Uses factory cable.

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