Manual Shifters

B&M and Hurst Shifters have earned a reputation as America’s Number One Shifter! Since our shifters first started appearing as original equipment in some of the world’s most notorious factory hot rods, our manual shifters have been known for their unbeatable quality, great looks, along with offering short, precise throws. B&M and Hurst offers a wide variety of shifters, shift knobs, and accessories for daily drivers, dedicated racers, and more, so no matter what you drive—We have you covered.

Hurst Manual Shifters

The industry standard for over 50 years and universally recognized as the “go-to shifter” once you glance in the car and see that chrome stick and white shift ball. Today the legacy continues, with the iconic line of Competition Plus shifters, and the line of short throw Billet/Plus shifters for modern performance cars. Through careful engineering and by using only high-quality components, a Hurst shifter can reduce your vehicles shift throw by up to 35% or more, allowing for faster and more precise gear changes. All backed by the history, heritage, and knowledge that Hurst has acquired over half of a century of shifter design. All Hurst shifters are covered by Hurst’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.


B&M Precision SportShifters follow a strict yet simple philosophy in design. B&M uses the very best materials in the most effective mechanisms to provide simple, yet elegant shifting solutions. Stainless Steel, anodized aluminum, and ultra-high strength materials are used in the design when and where necessary. Each vehicle is evaluated individually with performance as the goal and the shifter is designed for optimum shift throw and balance with seating position, clutch travel,and effort to make a shifter that enhances your driving experience.
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Product Type
  • Manual Transmission Shifter
  • Manual Transmission Shifter Assembly
  • Manual Transmission Shifter Installation Kit
  • Manual Transmission Shifter Lever Kit
  • Shifter Stick
  • Shifter Stick and Plate Kit
Transmission Speeds
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • Aisin AL6
  • Aisin AX15
  • Borg Warner T-10 (410)
  • Borg Warner T-10 (411)
  • Borg Warner Torque Tube (455)
  • Chevrolet (341)
  • FS6R31A
  • Ford T&C (333)
  • Ford T&C (336)
  • Ford T&C (337)
  • Ford T&C (339)
  • Ford T&C (413)
  • Ford T&C (431)
  • Ford T&C (432)
  • Ford T&C (433)
  • Honda 5-speed
  • M5OD-R1
  • MMT6 B6
  • MT-82
  • Muncie (351)
  • Muncie M20 (451)
  • Muncie M20 (452)
  • Muncie M21 (451)
  • Muncie M22 (451)
  • Muncie M22 (452)
  • Muncie M22 (453)
  • NSG370
  • NV3550
  • New Process A833 (422)
  • Nissan 5-speed
  • Porsche 6-speed
  • Richmond/Borg Warner Super T-10 (454)
  • S5D 310Z
  • S5D 320Z
  • Saginaw (343)
  • Saginaw (441)
  • Saginaw Torque Tube (456)
  • T5 Ford
  • T5 GM
  • T45
  • T56 GM
  • TKO500
  • TKO600
  • TR-3160
  • TR-3650
  • TR-6060
  • TR-6070
  • Tremec Magnum
  • Universal
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