Street Chambered Mufflers

Depending on your choice of sound, we have patented and proven chambered muffler series that deliver mild, moderate, aggressive, and very aggressive sounds. And unlike other muffler manufactures, we offer numerous muffler models which can control the drone, also known as interior resonance inside the vehicle cab area. Check out all the different series mufflers we offer and find the ones that are right for your vehicles.
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Flowmaster® manufactures a wide variety of Street Mufflers that covers numerous applications and sound level choices allowing you to custom tune the sound of your vehicles to exactly what you want, both inside and outside the vehicle. We have mufflers designed for anything with an engine from large displacement big block engines to small four cylinder engines and everything in between.

Delta Flow® Chambered Technology

1. Resonant Tuning Chamber™ Captures and cancels specific resonance inside the vehicle.
2. Power Chamber® Creates a negative pressure that helps scavenge exhaust gases
3. Delta Flow® Technology Provides advanced noise cancellation by separating and recombining pulses at precise phase shifts and increased exhaust scavenging.
4. Low-pressure Balance Chamber Blocks power-robbing atmospheric pressure from entering the system.

Delta Flow technology® provides superior scavenging of exhaust gases. This results in increased horsepower, torque, and fuel economy while reducing exterior sound levels and interior resonance. The deflectors function properly only when they have been precisely placed and welded to exact specifications. Only Flowmaster’s state-of-the-art electronic sensing equipment places components to a tolerance of +/- .004”, the tightest specifications in the industry.