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    The 6M-2L is thoroughly tested by Underwriter’s Laboratory and certified to meet or exceed safety standards for marine ignitions as set out by the U.S. Coast Guard.

    Marine Ignition Box Highlights

    • Weathertight Sealed Connectors
    • Distributors contain flame arrestor holes
    • Fully potted units prevent electrical components from coming into contact with water
    • Built-in Soft Touch Rev Control

    Weathertight connectors are used on all MSD marine ignition parts.

    Ignition Box Connectors

    Marine Distributors Features

    Marine Distributor
    • The Marine Pro-Billet distributors have been tested by Underwriter’s Laboratory and are certified to meet or exceed safety standards for marine ignition systems as set by the U.S. Coast Guard.
    • Only three wires to connect for a simple installation (Ready to Run Versions)
    • High output ignition module produces quick starts, smooth idle and improved mid range performance (Ready to Run Versions)
    • Accurate and maintenance-free magnetic pickup never needs adjustment
    • Easily adjust the mechanical advance with the supplied springs and stop bushings to fit your boat’s needs
    • All of our marine distributors are equipped with flame arrestor holes machined into their billet aluminum housings.

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    Marine Ignition

    Marine environments place rigorous demands on every component of the ignition system, especially the distributor. The combination of water spray, salt exposure, full throttle acceleration and harsh vibrations all take their toll. Marine distributors are UL tested and designed to meet the rigorous demands in a marine environment.