Fogger2 Nozzle

Fogger2™ Nozzle, Standard


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  • Fully Adjustable
  • Simple Jet Change
  • Feature Injection At 90° Angle
  • Fixed Metering Orifice
  • Brass w/ Black Finish
  • Fuel & NOS identified on Nozzle
Fogger2™ Nozzle, Standard - The original, patented NOS Fogger™ nozzle revolutionized the way nitrous oxide and fuel were dispersed into an engine. And to this day, there's nothing better than it for a variety of applications. However, as engine displacements got bigger, cylinder head designs got better and camshafts technology advanced, it became evident that greater precision was needed and NOS developed the Fogger2™ nozzle. Its unique flow design provide superior atomization of supplemental fuel as well as more even fuel distribution within the nitrous flow than other nozzles. Changing power levels takes only seconds and is simply a matter of changing the fuel and nitrous jets on the nozzle. Both the original Fogger and Fogger2™ nozzles are made from brass and have a black finish. They feature an etched NOS logo and tags for fuel and N20 identification during installation or jet changes. Note: For alcohol applications, please call our Technical Support Department at 270-781-9741
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Also available in 8 packs - P/N 13700B-8NOS
    13700B-8NOSFogger2 Nozzle - 8 Pack
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