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DiabloSport Predator 2
Whether you have a Chrysler, Ford, or GM vehicle in your driveway, DiabloSport’s Predator 2 performance programmer allow you to take full control of your vehicle. The successor to the original Predator tuner is an upgrade in every way, featuring a 2.8 in. touchscreen, easy to use 5-button navigation, is internet updateable via USB connection, and has a faster processor and increased memory for improved tuning and updating speed.
Add Power Without Breaking A Sweat
The Predator 2 alllows you to boost power and torque without even popping the hood! You get a performance tuning upgrade that makes your throttle more responsive, optimizes drivability, improves fuel economy potential, and increases horsepower & torque! The Predator 2 programmer is pre-loaded with dyno-tested performance programs designed specifically for your ride. There are both 50-state legal and custom tuning capable part numbers to ensure you can get the most performance out of your ride while staying legal.
More Than Horsepower
While adding power is always great, the Predator 2 allows you to do so much more than that. When connected, you have the ability to scan and clear DTCs, calibrate your speedometer for different tire sizes and/or gear changes, tune tranmission shift points & shift firmness, adjust speed & rev limiters, and much more.
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    DiabloSport Predator 2

    The legendary Predator Performance Tuner has made a return! For 10 years, the Predator was known as one of the most rock solid performance tuners ever made, and now it is back with a vengeance! The Predator II performance tuner continues where its predecessor left off by giving users tremendous performance gains, an unprecedented collection of adjustable options, advanced data logging capabilities, and more.