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DiabloSport Trinity 2 EX
Whether you have a Chrysler, Ford, or GM vehicle in your driveway, DiabloSport’s Trinity 2 performance programmer allows you to take full control of your vehicle. The T2 is built around a responsive high-definition 5-inch touchscreen that allows you to navigate menus easily and easily monitor your vehicle at all times. The tuner is easily updateable via wi-fi on both Windows and Mac-based operating systems. Have multiple vehicles that need a kick in the pants? We have you covered with Diablosport's multi-vehicle licensing.
Power Gains Without Sweat Equity
Don't worry about opening your toolbox! The Trinity 2 EX allows you to add power by simply connecting it to the OBDII port in your vehicle. You'll get a performance tuning upgrade that makes your throttle more responsive, optimizes drivability, improves fuel economy potential, and