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Power on the Dash!

Handheld performance programmers have been part of Superchips family for over 30 years. By putting power and performance in the palm of your hands, these programmers have allowed both gas and diesel truck owners to add horsepower and torque, while also improving drivability. Superchips is thrilled to take things a step further with Dashpaq. The Superchips Dashpaq is the performance programmer you and your vehicle need. We encourage you to call us or chat with our experts online if you have any questions.

The Benefits of an On-Dash Display

Dashpaq is Superchips’ all new in-cab performance tuner and monitor combo. With coverage for gas and diesel trucks and SUVs, the Dashpaq pairs Superchips’ flash tuning technology with a sharp on-dash display for real-time monitoring and performance management. Observe all of the metrics your truck or SUV can broadcast outside your traditional OEM gauge. Dashpaq provides numerous data parameters to select and configure as you see fit. Gas and diesel truck owners need to monitor different sets or parameters. A button interface is used to navigate between power levels, customize for options like aftermarket tires and/or gears, and set user-adjustable thresholds for designated engine parameters including transmission temperature, EGTs, boost, and more! Whether you’re driving a Duramax diesel or F-150 Ecoboost, the Dashpaq delivers countless options to confirm you have you have real-time monitoring to accompany performance tuning.